Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie: Jajantram Mamantram: A Must Watch Movie For Kids Of Any Age

After the great success of Makdee a children's movie by Vishal Bhardwaj, this dazzling fantasy movie called Jajantaram Mamantaram (J2M2) came. Although movie is old now, but wanted to mention it because it had huge number of special effects and lots of action. 

This movie is based on the mythological story of Bakasur, a sleeping giant who sleeps for months and months and wakes up only to eat small people. Aditya (Javed Jaffrey), is a common man in Mumbai who accidentally lands up at Shundi, which is a mystical village in the Arabian Sea. From here onwards the is full of adventures. The people of this village are very tiny and hence Aditya becomes a giant among the villagers. 

The villagers get frightened when they see Aditya at the sea shore lying unconceious. They tie him down with ropes like the Gulliver in Liliput land. But Aditya's attitude wins villagers heart and soon they become friendly to him. Jerran, a soldier in the Shundi army becomes his close friend.  Villagers start adoring Aditya. Jerran loves the princess of this village. 

Chattar Singh, the army chief of Shundi has magical powers with him. He plans to kill the king and thereby take over the kingdom. So we have two powers, one side there is king, Aditya, villagers and on the other side there is Chattar Singh and a giant created by his magical powers - Jhamunda who is as huge as Aditya. Jhamunda is not only huge in size but is having great powers to create terrors in the village. He demands to eat one villager every day in lieu of not destroying the village and villagers. 

Chattar Singh is planning to kill the king and marry his young and beautiful daughter who is in love with Jerran and hates Chattar Singh. But on an unexpected arrival of Aditya in he village, his plans get failed and in anger he tells Jhamunda to kill Aditya. After a series of adventrous fights, Aditya kills the magical Jhamunda with the help of Jerran who is a brave soldier. Chattar Singh lands up in the jail. Jerran get married to the princess. Villagers become emotinal when their savior Aditya plans to leave the village to go back to Mumbai. Marvellous acting done by all, especially Aditya i.e. Javed Jaffrey. A must watch movie for the kids of any age.

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