Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Five Best Websites For Kids Under 15

This is the review to suggest five best game websites available over the internet for Kids under 15 years. Most of these sites will allow you to play online (but they will disturb you after each round by suggesting you to download the game to play other rounds of the version), but then you can also keep on playing if you can absorb those interruptions in between. For online (or even download) you need to have a good broadband internet connection so that you play uninterrupted (if playing online) or the download takes place properly. Other requirements of your computer hardware must match depending on the game you decide to play like the sound card, 3-D card, display devices and so on  ... 

1 Zylom : This is the number one website for the year 2005 for downloading of games. Here you find some very good games like Shangri La Deluxe. This game is about waterfalls trapped behind doors held with strong knobs. when you click on the door after getting instructions from Shangri La, you will get the zoom in view of that door and a level behind that door to play on. the goal of the level which is a Star, will be held around by letters nad in the game you will get a bonus word to make. After you have cleared the letters surrounding the Star, if you have some letters left, Shangri La will not let you play with those letters and will automatically complete the level. And on the door, before starting the number of stars required to play that level behind the door is mentioned. Its URL address is http://www.Zylom.com/ 

2. Real Arcade: Some of the addictive games here are Mahjong Quest, Bejeweled II, and Zulu Gems. I can bet any child fond of playing games over internet would not have missed this site and games. In this site, the games have a 60 minutes time limit if you want to play them without purchasing them. Once if you have played the game and you liked the gam very much, and keep it playing for much time beyond the stipulated time of 60 minutes it will let you play and not call you back to the main screen. You can buy these games online if you want to buy them in dollars and enjoy playing the full version for unlimited time.  In Bejeweled II, you have four game modes, choose one and you have to swap gems to make matches of three or more jewels. You will get the instructions on how to play the gam in every game mode. In Zulu Gems you have to drop gems and you will get a ball of the same color of gems and by dropping the ball the gems will disappear. Here also you will get the game help and you can access the help from main menu. In Mahjong Quest, there are three game modes,  you can access help only from the main screen. The most addictive mode is ''Kwazi's Quest'' where you have to play Mahjong to restore balance to Kwazi's Land. The URL for this site is http://www.realnetworks.com/realarcade/games 

3. Big Fish: Some of the very good games here are - Dora's Carnival Adventure and Fish Tycoon. In Dora's Carnival Adventure you have different games which will give you tickets to take prizes from the store. These tickets give you prizes which are printable activities and Dora will alert you when you have enough tickets for a prize.  In Fish Tycoon, there is a land named ISOLA where there are seven special magical fish which hold together and balance ISOLA. Those seven fish have disappeared and you have to find them with the help of instructions you get while playing the game. URL - http://www.bigfishgames.com/ 

4.  Iwin: Hotel Solitaire and Fun Park Fortune are the best games you will find here. For Fun Park Fortune you will need a 3-D card in your computer with proper display settings. Fun Park Fortune somewhat resembles the game Dora's Carnival Adventure mentioned above. Hotel Solitaire is a virtual hotel, where different room colors represent different solitaire games. You will get playing instructions while playing the game. URL is http://www.iwin.com/ 

5. Game House: You can find some of the best word and Sudoku games here. Some of them are super Text Twist and Game House Sudoku. In super Text Twist, you will get a bonus word and you have to link and make words to earn score. You will be informed when the level is complete. Game House Sudoku is a classic Sudoku game with various levels. You have the option to play it online or download it to play offline. URL is http://www.gamehouse.com/ 

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