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Taare Zameen Par: !!Tare Zameen Par = Tears + Zabardast Performance!

Most of the stories are far from perfection and raise questions like if it had gone this way or that way, it would have been better. Very few stories impressively leave hard imprint on mind so softly that it remains for years as fresh as the first ray of sunlight. These stories do not die down with the time, do not lose impact, don’t gather dust, are total positive and tell about some force and power that is still unseen and untouched, even if it has been seen and touched it can not be felt in such a manner that can clearly be transformed into words. It can be felt more by heart by leaving mind stunned for few moments and can be explained or worded more through tears and silence.“Taare Zameen Par…” is one such story. The story has one hero till intermission and that is a small child of around 8-9 years. After intermission it has two heroes but the new hero is just a support. The main hero remains the child throughout.Aamir Khan emerges as a stronger director with a soft role for himself in the movie. Aamir the Director has performed excellently by not letting Aamir the actor to dominate over the story. The role of the boy “Ishaan” performed so perfectly by “Darsheel Safary” as if he has a high degree in acting from an esteemed institute with ample years of experience in cinema. Or the whole credit goes to the director who selected the right boy to deliver the right message. The story is for all – for kids, teachers, parents, guardians, to be parents and youth. Ishaan’s father has high expectations from his two sons. Ishan’s mother understands Ishan’s problem but is unable to do much to improve the situation. Ishan’s elder brother keeps motivating Ishan. Ishan studies in 3rd standard in school and is suffering from a disease Dyslexia. One who is suffering is not able to correlate alphabets and words with their actual picture and shapes, gets confused with multiple instructions (how so ever simple they may be), can’t fix shoe laces or shirt buttons properly.
In a way every one on this earth is imperfect in one way or the other. Ishaan is unable to explain his problem as he himself is not able to understand. He only could understand that he is different from other normal children. Others are unable to understand what is the actual problem of Ishaan and how to cope with it except one person who by chance comes into his life and handles the problem in his own way in such a manner that Ishaan gets transformed so swiftly into a problem free child. This person is Ishaan’s temporary Drawing teacher who not only decides to fight with Ishaan’s problem and win over it but also decides to make others understand…

101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting - Sudha Gupta: Parenting is not Science, it is an Art

What this entire book is about and some excerpts:This book is a compilation of 101 quotes for perfect parenting.
10 best quotes I liked out of 101 quotes listed in the book: The choice of best will vary from reader to reader as it varies in top 10 bollywood actors or top 10 songs…
*~!*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*An ounce of praise is worth far more than a tonne of criticismDon’t tell your children how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them find their own ingenious methods of doing itTeach your child about all the colours. But let them paint the canvas of his life on his own.Shielding your child from every upsetting situation will make him unfit handle the reality of life.Victory and defeat are both part of the life. Encouraging your child to win is important. It is equally important to teach him how to accept defeat gracefully.Take your child in your confidence when things go wrong. A child can cope well with crises if you mentally prepare him by telling him what is happeningLet your child not be afraid of making mistakes. Let him know a mistake is not a mistake as long as he learns from it.Encourage the child to take decisions. Good decision making ability will make him successful.Children should not be expected to behave like adults. They cannot sit quietly or concentrate on one thing for long.You may not be able to make your child do great things. But you sure can teach him to do small things in a great way.*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
My views on Parenting and this book:Parenting is a process of upbringing your child in a most appropriate manner but before the process starts long before that when you start planning what to do and what not to do before prior to your child gets birth. It starts at a very early stage and I think we first of all see and learn it from our own parents. Childhood game of playing HOME or PARENTS is very popular among growing children below 6-7 years of age. Parenting is a life long process, it does not mean only for the parents of growing children as growth is a continuous process and as is Parenting. Children remain children throughout and Parents remain Parents whatever is the age of Children and Parents. Parenting is an Art and not a science as it does not run on a fixed pattern and is not constant, it varies from Parents to Parents and Child to Child, the same parents have to adopt different styles and patterns of Parenting for their different children. And this style and pattern changes along with the age of the child.
The book is a good compilation of 101 quotes, some familiar and some not familiar but all are acceptable as all do good in some way or the other.

#@!*&^%$#!@#!@#!$#$$%Happy Parenting#@!*&^%$#!@#!@#!$#$$%

Movie: Jajantram Mamantram: A Must Watch Movie For Kids Of Any Age

After the great success of Makdee a children's movie by Vishal Bhardwaj, this dazzling fantasy movie called Jajantaram Mamantaram (J2M2) came. Although movie is old now, but wanted to mention it because it had huge number of special effects and lots of action. 

This movie is based on the mythological story of Bakasur, a sleeping giant who sleeps for months and months and wakes up only to eat small people. Aditya (Javed Jaffrey), is a common man in Mumbai who accidentally lands up at Shundi, which is a mystical village in the Arabian Sea. From here onwards the is full of adventures. The people of this village are very tiny and hence Aditya becomes a giant among the villagers. 

The villagers get frightened when they see Aditya at the sea shore lying unconceious. They tie him down with ropes like the Gulliver in Liliput land. But Aditya's attitude wins villagers heart and soon they become friendly to him. Jerran, a soldier in the Shundi army becomes his close friend.  Villagers start adoring Aditya. Jerran loves the princess of this village. 

Chattar Singh, the army chief of Shundi has magical powers with him. He plans to kill the king and thereby take over the kingdom. So we have two powers, one side there is king, Aditya, villagers and on the other side there is Chattar Singh and a giant created by his magical powers - Jhamunda who is as huge as Aditya. Jhamunda is not only huge in size but is having great powers to create terrors in the village. He demands to eat one villager every day in lieu of not destroying the village and villagers. 

Chattar Singh is planning to kill the king and marry his young and beautiful daughter who is in love with Jerran and hates Chattar Singh. But on an unexpected arrival of Aditya in he village, his plans get failed and in anger he tells Jhamunda to kill Aditya. After a series of adventrous fights, Aditya kills the magical Jhamunda with the help of Jerran who is a brave soldier. Chattar Singh lands up in the jail. Jerran get married to the princess. Villagers become emotinal when their savior Aditya plans to leave the village to go back to Mumbai. Marvellous acting done by all, especially Aditya i.e. Javed Jaffrey. A must watch movie for the kids of any age.

Choosing A Right Career: What We SOW Today Is What We REAP Tomorrow

In total contrast to the importance assigned to education in the past, one sees a complete change in a student’s outlook and his perception of education.  Unlike the past, students these days form their individual opinion on their abilities, their goal in life and their outlook in life.  

There may be exceptions in society where students to find the eagerness to identify their abilities and then choose their scope of further studies. In the past there was no hurry to run into a class where they train students for examinations that decide professional careers for students.  I had the opportunity to meet a student who was in the process of choosing the right professional course for his career when many of his seniors and elders began giving him an advice on choosing the right professional course for a bright career in his future.  

I was amazed when the boy told me that he preferred to write poems and articles in languages but had to choose Communications engineering for a bright career.  It sounded so funny to me when everyone around was reprimanding him for his stupid choice and suggesting taking up engineering.  Arre miljaayega, tum pahale joint entrance to dedo.  Dekho tumhaara future kaise chamakne lagega.  Yeh kavita vavita chodo aur zindagi mein kuch banne ki koshish karo. 

The above suggestion of various people does not show foul intentions but concern for the boy.  It is right that a person needs to grow financially and intellectually, but it is so sad when people ask him to forget his desire to write articles and poems in languages.  Responsibilities in life necessarily need to be given utmost importance but that cannot be the only deciding factor and force a person to choose what he does not want.  There is no harm in being an engineer, but why curb that poor boy’s desire to write and express his thoughts.  

After all, aren’t writers of today considered intellectuals in society? Where are the fundamental principles that decide the need for education in society gone? your valuable comments are welcome on this burning topic.

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Five Best Websites For Kids Under 15

This is the review to suggest five best game websites available over the internet for Kids under 15 years. Most of these sites will allow you to play online (but they will disturb you after each round by suggesting you to download the game to play other rounds of the version), but then you can also keep on playing if you can absorb those interruptions in between. For online (or even download) you need to have a good broadband internet connection so that you play uninterrupted (if playing online) or the download takes place properly. Other requirements of your computer hardware must match depending on the game you decide to play like the sound card, 3-D card, display devices and so on  ... 

1 Zylom : This is the number one website for the year 2005 for downloading of games. Here you find some very good games like Shangri La Deluxe. This game is about waterfalls trapped behind doors held with strong knobs. when you click on the door after getting instructions from Shangri La, you will get the zoom in view of that door and a level behind that door to play on. the goal of the level which is a Star, will be held around by letters nad in the game you will get a bonus word to make. After you have cleared the letters surrounding the Star, if you have some letters left, Shangri La will not let you play with those letters and will automatically complete the level. And on the door, before starting the number of stars required to play that level behind the door is mentioned. Its URL address is 

2. Real Arcade: Some of the addictive games here are Mahjong Quest, Bejeweled II, and Zulu Gems. I can bet any child fond of playing games over internet would not have missed this site and games. In this site, the games have a 60 minutes time limit if you want to play them without purchasing them. Once if you have played the game and you liked the gam very much, and keep it playing for much time beyond the stipulated time of 60 minutes it will let you play and not call you back to the main screen. You can buy these games online if you want to buy them in dollars and enjoy playing the full version for unlimited time.  In Bejeweled II, you have four game modes, choose one and you have to swap gems to make matches of three or more jewels. You will get the instructions on how to play the gam in every game mode. In Zulu Gems you have to drop gems and you will get a ball of the same color of gems and by dropping the ball the gems will disappear. Here also you will get the game help and you can access the help from main menu. In Mahjong Quest, there are three game modes,  you can access help only from the main screen. The most addictive mode is ''Kwazi's Quest'' where you have to play Mahjong to restore balance to Kwazi's Land. The URL for this site is 

3. Big Fish: Some of the very good games here are - Dora's Carnival Adventure and Fish Tycoon. In Dora's Carnival Adventure you have different games which will give you tickets to take prizes from the store. These tickets give you prizes which are printable activities and Dora will alert you when you have enough tickets for a prize.  In Fish Tycoon, there is a land named ISOLA where there are seven special magical fish which hold together and balance ISOLA. Those seven fish have disappeared and you have to find them with the help of instructions you get while playing the game. URL - 

4.  Iwin: Hotel Solitaire and Fun Park Fortune are the best games you will find here. For Fun Park Fortune you will need a 3-D card in your computer with proper display settings. Fun Park Fortune somewhat resembles the game Dora's Carnival Adventure mentioned above. Hotel Solitaire is a virtual hotel, where different room colors represent different solitaire games. You will get playing instructions while playing the game. URL is 

5. Game House: You can find some of the best word and Sudoku games here. Some of them are super Text Twist and Game House Sudoku. In super Text Twist, you will get a bonus word and you have to link and make words to earn score. You will be informed when the level is complete. Game House Sudoku is a classic Sudoku game with various levels. You have the option to play it online or download it to play offline. URL is