Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choosing A Right Career: What We SOW Today Is What We REAP Tomorrow

In total contrast to the importance assigned to education in the past, one sees a complete change in a student’s outlook and his perception of education.  Unlike the past, students these days form their individual opinion on their abilities, their goal in life and their outlook in life.  

There may be exceptions in society where students to find the eagerness to identify their abilities and then choose their scope of further studies. In the past there was no hurry to run into a class where they train students for examinations that decide professional careers for students.  I had the opportunity to meet a student who was in the process of choosing the right professional course for his career when many of his seniors and elders began giving him an advice on choosing the right professional course for a bright career in his future.  

I was amazed when the boy told me that he preferred to write poems and articles in languages but had to choose Communications engineering for a bright career.  It sounded so funny to me when everyone around was reprimanding him for his stupid choice and suggesting taking up engineering.  Arre miljaayega, tum pahale joint entrance to dedo.  Dekho tumhaara future kaise chamakne lagega.  Yeh kavita vavita chodo aur zindagi mein kuch banne ki koshish karo. 

The above suggestion of various people does not show foul intentions but concern for the boy.  It is right that a person needs to grow financially and intellectually, but it is so sad when people ask him to forget his desire to write articles and poems in languages.  Responsibilities in life necessarily need to be given utmost importance but that cannot be the only deciding factor and force a person to choose what he does not want.  There is no harm in being an engineer, but why curb that poor boy’s desire to write and express his thoughts.  

After all, aren’t writers of today considered intellectuals in society? Where are the fundamental principles that decide the need for education in society gone? your valuable comments are welcome on this burning topic.

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